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Blood take service 4.00€

|KL12| Viral hepatitis testing package

|KL12| Viral hepatitis testing package



It should be remembered that regardless of the types of hepatitis viruses, this disease is successfully treated. Timely diagnosis of the disease plays an important role in the treatment: modern methods make it possible to accurately determine the types of the virus at the earliest stage of the development of the disease. Necessary examination is carried out in specialized medical centers. Hepatitis is diagnosed through blood tests. The ways in which viruses spread are said to be well-studied. Hepatitis infection can be reduced tens of times by following basic hygiene rules. It is necessary to learn to resist the disease from an early age - the probability that children will be infected with hepatitis is very high, and the disease can be accompanied by various complications.

The package consists of 6 studies:
AST | Liver Index GOT
ALT | Liver Indicator GPT
BIL-T | Total Bilirubin
Hbs Ag | Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Anti-HCV | Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies
Anti-HBcor | Hepatitis B Core Antigen Antibodies

|KL12| Viral hepatitis testing package
|KL12| Viral hepatitis testing package


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