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Medical certificate for drivers

Medical certificate for drivers

From 25.00€

Reference: 083-1/a ONLINE REGISTRATION

The certificate is issued on the same day only with a certificate from a psychiatrist (mental health center).

The basic price of the health check-up is indicated. In the case of additional risk factors specified in the order of the Minister of Health V-301 regulating the health check-up procedure for drivers, additional tests may be ordered by the doctor's decision, paid according to Rezus.lt rates.

How to prepare for the driver's health check?

When you come to the health check for your driver's license, please have with you:

  1. Identity Card.
  2. Driver's license (if the health check is repeated).
  3. Psychiatrist (mental health center) certificate. Persons who do not know which psychiatric institution they belong to should contact their family doctor or consult privately with a psychiatrist working at UAB Rezus.lt in order to obtain a psychiatrist's statement.
  4. A certificate from the Center for Addictive Diseases;
  5. Personal health history (ambulatory card) or form issued by the family doctor no. 027/a**;

Other important information:

  1. Dr. consultation of an ophthalmologist for each driver candidate during a health check for the first time;
  2. Dr. ophthalmologist consultation for patients over 70 years old;
  3. Dr. ophthalmologist consultation for patients who drive 2gr. vehicles;
  4. Dr. a neurologist's opinion on the ability to drive for patients with any form of epilepsy;

** For persons who do not have a valid form issued by a family doctor no. 027/a (on the state of health), whether the clinic where the patient is registered is outside the city of Šiauliai, as well as those who are not registered in Lithuania, a mandatory health check-up is performed on site (examinations, electrocardiogram).

What is the health check for obtaining a driver's health certificate?

In order to obtain a medical certificate for drivers, various health checks are carried out at the clinic:

  • a person's blood pressure is assessed,
  • heart rate (pulse),
  • hearing,
  • sight,
  • a vestibular function test can be performed,
  • an assessment of color sensitivity can be additionally performed,
  • an electrocardiogram is performed,
  • blood/urine tests,
  • the doctor also assesses the patient's health history, i.e. i.e. whether he has concomitant, chronic diseases, whether he has had previous operations, what medicines he is taking, etc.
  • the consultation of a psychologist or psychiatrist is also important, during which the driver's mental state of health is assessed.

If, during the medical examination, specialists determine that the person's health condition is suitable for driving, a medical health certificate is obtained immediately and added to esveikata.lt. After the visit to the clinic, the driver's health certificate is also visible on the "Registra" website.

When can the driver's health certificate not be issued to the driver?

In some cases, a driver's health certificate may not be issued, for example, if the person has a medical condition that may affect safe driving.

A medical certificate may not be issued to drivers if the person:

  • have poor eyesight
  • have epilepsy
  • have severe heart or lung disease,
  • have high uncorrected blood pressure,
  • in case of extremely impaired hearing, etc.
  • with total deafness.

A health certificate may not be issued if the person has certain psychoses and personality disorders, when the mind is impaired, inappropriate behavior occurs, etc. A medical certificate may not be issued to a driver if, for example, he refuses to undergo the necessary tests for some reason or does not tell the truth about his health condition.

Medical certificate for drivers
Medical certificate for drivers
Reference: 083-1/a