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New specialists joined the team in Vilnius: gynecologists - obstetricians, neurologists, psychiatrists - psychotherapists and psychologists!

I – V 07:00-21:00

VI – VII 09:00-20:00

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Medical certificate for work (preventive health check-up)

Medical certificate for work (preventive health check-up)


Reference: 047/a ir 048/a ONLINE REGISTRATION

*The basic price of the health check-up is indicated. In the case of additional risk factors specified in the V-301 order of the Minister of Health, which regulates the procedure for health screening of employees, additional tests may be ordered by the doctor's decision, paid according to rates.

How to prepare for a health check for work?

When you come to the health check-up for a work permit, bring with you:

  1. Identity Card.
  2. Personal health history (ambulatory card) or form issued by a family doctor no. 027/a. For persons who do not have a valid form issued by a family doctor no. 027/a (on the state of health), whether the clinic where the patient is registered is outside the city of Šiauliai, as well as those who are not registered in Lithuania, a mandatory health check-up is performed on site (examinations, electrocardiogram).
  3. The personal medical book (Health Passport No. 048/a) or the mandatory health checkup medical certificate form (No. 047/a) filled out by the employer must indicate the risk factors.
  4. If a lung x-ray (taken within a period of no later than 1 year) is required for the issuance of the certificate, the referral for the lung x-ray is prescribed by family doctors. In Šiauliai, an X-ray can be taken upon arrival at the clinic at the address Gumbinės st. 33C. The price of an X-ray photo is 15.00 Eur.

When is it necessary to perform a preventive health check-up for work?

  • Employees need a health certificate for work, if the doctor does not specify another health check-up date, the employee's health (in the presence of the factors listed in the table) is checked once every 2 years.
  • For employees who are allowed to work only after being checked in advance and then periodically checked for infectious diseases, the employee's health is checked once a year.

The health of employees is checked in order to:

  • to assess whether employed and employed persons can do a specific job under specific working conditions;
  • to protect the health of employees from possible exposure to occupational risk factors (injuries, etc.);
  • prevent or diagnose occupational diseases as early as possible.

Refusal to undergo a health check-up, when such a check-up is mandatory for the employee, is a gross violation of work duties.

Medical certificate for work (preventive health check-up)
Medical certificate for work (preventive health check-up)
Reference: 047/a ir 048/a