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Ca | Calcium

Ca | Calcium


Reference: 15033

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, 99 percent of which is found in the bones, the rest of the calcium is distributed among various tissues and cellular fluids, where it plays a vital role in many life processes.

Among the functions of calcium outside the bone system are participation in blood coagulation, neuromuscular impulse transmission, skeletal and cardiac muscle excitability, enzyme activation, and maintenance of cell membrane integrity and permeability. The processes of calcium metabolism in the body are related to parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcitonin and vitamin D.

Elevated serum calcium levels can also be observed in multiple myeloma or other cancers. Hypocalcemia can be observed, for example, during hypoparathyroidism, nephrosis or pancreatitis.


  • It is recommended to carry out prophylactically once a year, for disease diagnosis and treatment control it is carried out periodically according to the doctor's instructions.
  • The results of the test are affected by the drugs used, diet (food supplements used).
  • To take the test, it is necessary to arrive on an empty stomach at 12 o'clock, 2-3 days. avoid calcium and vitamin D supplements before the test.
Ca | Calcium
Ca | Calcium
Reference: 15033


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