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Blood take service 4.00€

Chronic Fatigue Test Package

Chronic Fatigue Test Package



Chronic fatigue syndrome is persistent or recurrent fatigue that does not resolve with sleep and reduces average daily activity for at least six months. SYMPTOMS: headache, joint pain, sore throat, general fatigue, muscle pain, memory loss, temperature changes.

The package consists of 18 studies:
General Blood Test
GLU | Glucose
TSH | Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
FT4 | Free Thyroxine
CHOL | Cholesterol
TRIG | Triglycerides
HDL | High Density Cholesterol
LDL | Low Density Cholesterol
AST | Liver Index GOT
ALT | Liver Indicator GPT
Liver Indicator Gamma-GT
BIL-T | Total Bilirubin
BIL-D | Direct Bilirubin
TP | Total Protein
CREA | Creatinine
ALP | Alkaline Phosphatase
Fe | Iron Determination
Determination of Vitamin D Concentration

Chronic Fatigue Test Package
Chronic Fatigue Test Package


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