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Blood take service 4.00€

|KL34| A moderate treatment package for hair, skin and nail problems

|KL34| A moderate treatment package for hair, skin and nail problems


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K | Potassium
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Well | Sodium

All women want to be beautiful and keep their youth longer, so they often worry about the condition of their skin, hair and nails.

Countless recommendations have been given, hundreds of diets have been created, but women resolutely continue to restore their facial skin with cream, hair with shampoo, and nails with strengthening varnish. Thousands of articles have also been written about the importance of wholesome nutrition, about the fact that the same food can be medicine for some and poison for others. Therefore, we must understand that the restoration and maintenance of the skin depends on the health of the digestive tract. In order to find out if you have problems with the absorption of substances (excretion of digested substances from the digestive tract into the blood and lymph), you need to find out which foods you are intolerant to.

Recommended tests: blood - food intolerance tests Euroline-Food (108 or 216 food products).

Also, the condition of the skin depends on various hormones. The most common problems are thyroid disorders. With hypothyroidism, the skin ages faster, the nails crack, and the hair becomes brittle, brittle, and falls out. When there is a lack of thyroid hormones, most of the hair falls out in the temple area, it is not uncommon for hypothyroidism to almost lose eyebrows and eyelashes. With autoimmune thyroiditis (the immune system attacks and destroys thyroid cells), chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland develops. When there are too many thyroid antibodies, the body needs substances that reduce inflammation, as well as antioxidants (selenium, zinc, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, etc.).

Recommended tests: from blood - TSH, FT4 and A-TPO.

Rapid aging of the skin, nail deformation, cracking and flaking, hair loss, breakage and brittleness are associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals and important nutrients that should be obtained from food: proteins, amino acids, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, iron, selenium , zinc, magnesium, copper, folic acid, biotin, vitamins D and B12, etc. If the body lacks iron, the skin is pale, grey, with enlarged pores, the lips are pale and dry, the skin will age faster and lose tone. The nails are thin and often have horizontal lines, and the hair falls out just when you wash them and more on the top of the head, the so-called hair bow area.

Recommended tests: from the blood - total protein, iron, ferritin (iron reserves in the body), zinc, copper, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins D and B12.

Skin, hair and nail problems also begin when there is a lack of digestive enzymes and a damaged intestinal microflora. It is important not to lack pancreatic enzymes: lipase, which breaks down fats, amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates, and protease, which breaks down food proteins. No other substance can replace digestive enzymes, so if they are lacking, these enzymes must be taken in addition to food.

The appearance of the skin, especially the condition of the face and scalp, is strongly affected by a damaged balance of good bacteria and fungi in the gut. If there are not enough lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the intestines, but there are many staphylococci and fungi (Candida albicans and Clostridium difficile), digestion is impaired and absorption of valuable nutrients is hindered, and the body is poisoned by toxins.

Recommended tests: from blood - lipase, pancreatic amylase, candida albicans tests; from feces - clostridium difficile test and co-program.

The package consists of 16 studies:
BKT | General blood test
TTH (TSH) | Thyrotropic hormone
LT4 (FT4) | Free thyroxine
ATPO | Antibodies against thyroid peroxidase
TP | Total protein
Fe | Iron
FERRY | Ferritin
Mg | Magnesium
Vitamin D
LIP | Lipase
P-AMYL | Pancreatic amylase
Coprogram (from feces)
Zn | Zinc
Cu | Copper
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B9 | Folic acid

|KL34| A moderate treatment package for hair, skin and nail problems
|KL34| A moderate treatment package for hair, skin and nail problems