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Blood take service 4.00€

ALB | Albumin

ALB | Albumin



Albumin makes up about 60% of the total blood protein content. It is synthesized in the liver. Albumin forms the basis of oncotic plasma pressure and therefore maintains circulating blood volume. Albumin is the body's main transport material. This protein transports calcium, manganese, zinc, hormones, and medications. Sometimes a change in the concentration of calcium and other substances can be associated with marked fluctuations in the concentration of albumin. When determining the concentration of calcium or other substances, the concentration of albumin should also be monitored.

Albumin binds and solubilizes non-polar compounds such as plasma bilirubin and long-chain fatty acids, and also binds various medications.

Hyperalbuminemia is a rare disease caused by severe dehydration and marked venostasis. Hypoalbuminemia can be caused by impaired synthesis, such as in liver disease or a protein-poor diet; reduction of amino acid absorption caused by malabsorption syndromes or malnutrition; protein loss to the outside, occurring in nephrotic syndrome, enteropathy, or burns; altered distribution, such as in ascites.

ALB | Albumin
ALB | Albumin


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