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Blood take service 4.00€

|KL09| Cardiovascular examination package

|KL09| Cardiovascular examination package



Cardiovascular diseases take the most lives, many patients remain disabled. The burden of these diseases can be reduced by knowing the risk factors and changing lifestyle habits. According to cardiologist doctors, heart failure is a slow-progressing process that usually develops in other diseases, during which the anatomical and functional structure of the heart changes. As a result, the heart's ventricles are impaired in their ability to fill with blood or push blood out of the heart to properly supply vital organs. Timely diagnosis of heart failure is a prerequisite for early and effective treatment. Medicines or their combinations make it possible to achieve good results, patients can live not only normally, but also significantly longer. Common symptoms of impaired heart function include: shortness of breath with mild physical exertion; difficulty breathing when lying on a low pillow, weight gain, swelling in the legs due to fluid retention, general weakness, and a constant feeling of fatigue.

The package consists of 10 studies:
Well | Sodium
K| Potassium
TRIG | Triglycerides
HDL | High Density Cholesterol
LDL | Low Density Cholesterol
CHOL | Cholesterol
AST | Liver Index GOT
ALT | Liver Indicator GPT
SPA/INR | Prothrombin
CRB | C Reactive Protein

|KL09| Cardiovascular examination package
|KL09| Cardiovascular examination package


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