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Blood take service 4.00€

|KL06| Gastrointestinal examination package

|KL06| Gastrointestinal examination package




When chewing food, digestive enzymes separate with saliva, helping break down nutrients the body can absorb. The journey of chewed food to the intestine is a long process of physical and chemical reactions. If it goes smoothly, we feel great. However, the intestines are not always able to perform their functions. Functional dyspepsia, which occurs due to gastric motility disorders, is the most common.

SYMPTOMS: bothersome bloating, stomach pain, intestinal spasms, nausea, quick fullness after eating, vomiting, and bloating.

The package consists of 9 studies:

P-AMYL | Pancreatic amylase
AST | Liver Index GOT
ALT | Liver Indicator GPT
Liver Indicator Gamma-GT
BIL-T | Total Bilirubin
BIL-D | Direct Bilirubin
ALP | Alkaline Phosphase
Quantitative determination of Helicobacter pylori IgA antibodies
Ca - 72-4 | Stomach Cancer Sign

|KL06| Gastrointestinal examination package
|KL06| Gastrointestinal examination package



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