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New specialists joined the team in Vilnius: gynecologists - obstetricians, neurologists, psychiatrists - psychotherapists and psychologists!

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High-quality ambulatory care services at home - specialists are ready to help

An innovation that started a year ago - ambulatory care services at home (or otherwise - ASPN) - is attracting increasing interest from the population, and for many patients, this service not only facilitates recovery, but also contributes to a better psychological state and ensuring the continuity of medical services. Successful treatment and other nursing services depend on experienced specialists who visit the patient at home. So, how to choose the best company that provides ASPN, is answered by the professional nursing services company "".

The most important thing is quality and experienced specialists
ASPN is a licensed personal health care service that is provided in the client's home. In other words, residents who are mobility impaired, have complex chronic conditions, have chronic illnesses, have suffered an injury or are temporarily unable to care for themselves for other reasons can receive health care services at home. Whether it is necessary to drip drops, take blood for tests, perform physical therapy exercises, or simply take care of the hygiene of a lying patient, bandage wounds and perform other ambulatory health care procedures, all these nursing services can be performed at the patient's home by experienced professionals in their field.

Nursing services at home are implemented by primary health care centers or institutions licensed to provide these services, for example UAB "". The patient can choose which institution's specialists ASPN wants. In any case, outpatient health services at home prescribed by a family doctor are free of charge for all patients, no matter which institution the patient chooses.

"Elderly people, especially those with chronic diseases, are more likely to get ASPN. These are not necessarily people suffering from serious conditions. Perhaps it is difficult for an elderly person to come for frequent blood tests, perhaps there are no relatives to help take care of him. It is very important that the specialist who comes to the home responds to the needs of the patient. Our team not only performs medical procedures, but also often communicates with customers and encourages them. After all, a sick person needs not only medical care, but also a kind word and pleasant service. He must trust the medical staff, not feel alone and forgotten", says D. Dobrovolskienė, coordinator of nursing services at UAB "".

Who can apply for an ASPN?
ASPN can be obtained by all patients who are identified as needing care according to the nursing service assessment questionnaire. All family doctors have this questionnaire for patient assessment and can assess the patient's condition upon request. ASPN can also be provided after day surgery services, injuries and the like, if a person is temporarily unable to take care of themselves.

"ASPN services are provided by experienced specialists - a nurse, nurse's assistant or physiotherapist. There is a particularly great need for physiotherapy services, we are glad that the large team of "" specialists is successfully working with patients, helping them to move and walk again. We ensure that our staff visits the patient's home within just 5 working days of the GP's referral to ASPN. Each visit is planned in advance and coordinated with the person," says D. Dobrovolskienė.

The company "" has a large team of experienced specialists who provide ASPN not only in the city of Šiauliai, but also in Mazeikiai, Jonišky, and in the near future they plan to provide services in Panevėžys as well.

"The family doctor indicates the need for care for each patient - low (52 visits per year), medium (165 visits per year) or high (260 visits per year). This depends on how often our specialists visit their homes. However, the patients themselves should choose specialists whom they trust, because mutual understanding is very important", emphasizes D. Dobrovolskienė.

Residents wishing to receive ambulatory home care services should first contact their GP. After receiving a referral to the ASPN, the patient can choose from specialists offered by the GP Center or other providers of nursing services.