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Psychiatrist - psychotherapist Justė Skersienė

"Human mental health is important! I believe that every person is different. Everyone reacts differently to stress, an unexpected life event, or trauma. I want to listen to you, help you understand why the mental health complaint started bothering you at this time and understand you as a person."

I am a doctor psychiatrist - psychotherapist (with supervision). I can apply both biological treatment methods and psychotherapeutic counseling. As a psychotherapist, I work based on the principles of individual psychodynamic psychotherapy. During your initial consultation, I will listen to your complaints, I will try to understand the circumstances of their occurrence, course, duration, we will discuss the research plan and treatment method that are useful for you and your situation. Most often, treatment is prescribed by one of the following methods or a combination of them: drug treatment, psychotherapy, psychological counseling.

Mental status examination
At the Rezus.lt clinic, we can perform a consistent examination of your mental state: a clinical psychiatric examination, a clinical psychological assessment, in order to determine the cause of the problems bothering you as accurately as possible. We perform laboratory tests to rule out somatic diseases that could have caused mental state complaints. We carry out drug concentration tests in order to select the most suitable drug dose for you, and we can perform a psychopharmacogenetic test in order to select the most effective drug or combination of drugs for you.

Services provided by Dr. Justė Skersienė:

Primary care psychiatrist consultation | €70.00
Repeat treatment psychiatrist consultation | €45.00
Remote prescribing of prescription drugs | €30.00
Issuing a certificate (work, driver's and other certificates) | €40.00
Dr. psychotherapeutic session of psychiatrist - psychotherapist | €60.00
Doctor's place of work: Švitrigailos st. 11B | Vilnius

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