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New specialists joined the team in Vilnius: gynecologists - obstetricians, neurologists, psychiatrists - psychotherapists and psychologists!

I – V 07:00-21:00

VI – VII 09:00-20:00

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Preventive health check-up

Preventive health check-up and modern diagnostic tools make it possible to predict the disease or its early stages and take preventive measures. Many ailments or health disorders can be prevented before the first symptoms are felt - it is recommended that everyone undergo a full preventive health check-up once a year.

These annual evaluations of the body's condition are an important preventive measure for various age groups, separate preventive health check-up programs can be found for women, men, and children before school. At the same time, health check programs are relevant for representatives of many professions, athletes, as well as students and people who want to obtain or change their driver's license, going abroad. This check is important in order to find out if a person can do work according to his physical health condition, to get a medical check-up certificate. It also wants to assess whether the applied risk mitigation factors are effective.

A patient who comes to a general practitioner (family doctor) for a preventive health check-up must have an identity document with him. If the health check-up is due to work, you should also have with you a completed medical record issued by the employer. The family doctor assesses the general state of health and the patient may be referred for consultation to other medical specialists if medical indications are identified during the health examination.

Early detection of health problems
Often, diseases and health disorders can occur silently, without noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Regular check-ups help healthcare professionals analyze health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and various forms of cancer. Appropriate tests and their results increase the likelihood of successful treatment and can help prevent complications.

Preventive measures and daily health promotion
During the check-up, the healthcare professional can advise on lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, to help maintain optimal health. Vaccinations, medical screening for specific diseases and counseling on various health-related topics may also be offered: smoking cessation, stress management, mental well-being, etc. Preventive measures can reduce the chance of developing chronic diseases and improve the overall quality of life.