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Allergies start in spring: what is important to know and how to recognize?

Allergy is an unusual reaction of the immune system to normally harmless substances in the environment, called allergens.
Symptoms of allergies
Allergies can manifest in individual ways depending on the person and the allergen involved. Possible symptoms of allergies:

Sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose;
Red, itchy or watery eyes;
Skin rashes, hives, dermatitis or eczema;
Attacks of coughing, shortness of breath;
Previous systemic and life-threatening anaphylactic reactions;
Swelling of lips, tongue, throat;
Digestive disorders.
What can you be allergic to?
An allergic reaction can be caused by almost anything and the body reacts depending on genetic, environmental, lifestyle or other factors. However, several main types of allergies can be distinguished, which can cause symptoms:

Pollen allergy - the most common and most common allergy, which affects almost 20% of the population;
for food;
for medicines;
for insect poisons;
for animals - for a combination of allergens present in animal saliva, epithelium and dander;
allergy to certain chemicals that may be present in cosmetics or other items.
Pollen allergy, otherwise known as hay fever, begins when the first tree flowers bloom in March-May. However, it is worth noting that as the climate warms and winters shorten, the flowering time of plants becomes earlier and longer, and at the same time, the symptoms of pollen allergy are prolonged. At the end of May-June, the flowering of grasses begins, which can last until the middle of July. Weeds continue to bloom. And when the likelihood of allergies decreases at the end of August, mold allergies can appear in the fall.

Research ALEX macrogrid
The test ALEX macrogrid (Allergy Explorer) is the most comprehensive determination of allergies from blood. During the test, sensitization to all clinically significant allergen sources and allergen components is determined from just one blood sample. The patient's sensitivity to 282 allergens is tested and total IgE is determined.

The ALEX allergy test will help you get a detailed analysis and information about the allergens that can cause allergic reactions, the specific culprits of the allergy will be clear, and you will learn about treatment options.

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