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Vela Sculptor massage

It is a body shaping and cellulite reduction device that not only beautifies the body lines, but is also effective in the health journey. The device performs 5 different functions with 5 different nozzles.

During dermomassage, the skin tightens and becomes more elastic, as well as improving blood circulation, accelerating the resorption of edema and reducing excess body fat.

Infrared rays - with regular massage, infrared heat accelerates the body's regenerative processes, strengthens the body's immunity, not to mention a pleasant daily relaxation after stress. Helps people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, stiff muscles, tendon and ligament injuries, insomnia and other ailments. They also help with obesity, kidney disease, colds, burns or skin diseases.

RF Radio Frequency - Performs breast skin lifting, buttock and leg shaping, and arm skin smoothing. RF emits an electromagnetic radio frequency wave, works in the dermis, stimulating skin cells to produce and regenerate collagen fibers. The function of RF is to transmit an electric wave to the deeper layers of the skin. It reaches every point of the skin, causes the production of thermal energy that stimulates internal ions, increases the work of the lymphatic system and tissue metabolism, which in turn improves the quality of the skin, increases skin density and tension, smoothes wrinkles and reduces scars.

Cavitation is an ultrasonic method of body contouring. Today, one of the most effective procedures for quick figure correction and unnecessary fat removal is non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction (cavitation). The essence of the procedure is that under the influence of a combination of low-frequency ultrasound waves, the adipocyte walls begin to resonate strongly and disintegrate, the fat in them liquefies and is "thrown out" of the cells. The fat cell itself collapses, and the resulting liquid can be removed from the body in a natural way.

Negative pressure – dilates blood vessels, increases metabolism and speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body. As it improves blood circulation, it promotes faster wound healing.

The service is provided at Ozo st. 18, Vilnius (PC "Ozas", 2nd floor, Iron Wolf entrance)

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