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Intravenous vitamin therapy (IV)

Intravenous therapy (IV) is also a cocktail of minerals that enter the vitamin through the veins in order to bypass the body's system. IV Your body lacks the ideal vitamin if you need drops and minerals, exercise a lot or travel a lot. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital to your physical and mental health. They keep your body processes, your organs, and even your DNA healthy and functioning normally.

Preparation and process of intravenous therapy

Before vitamin therapy, it is recommended to carry out the necessary blood tests, the indicators of which are parodies or there are no abnormal indicators, the results of general blood tests. After the results of the tests, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Consultation is necessary for both vitamin cocktail drops and infusions with the NAD+ molecule. A doctor's consultation and recommended tests are included in every bacon price.

The main benefits of intravenous therapy are:

The immune system is strengthened, promoting faster weight loss, hangover treatment, treatment of nutrient deficiency, cleansing the body from toxic and free radicals, energy levels are restored, promotes better cardiovascular health, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Each vitamin infusion is created in cooperation with a company with international experience - NADclinic.

Services are provided at Ozo st. 18, Vilnius (PC "Ozas", 2nd floor, Gelezinio Vilko st. entrance)
Available by phone +370 600 20303

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